SITUATION ALERT: Your Lone Worker has been Injured


SITUATION ALERT: Your Lone Worker has been Injured

This is not a situation that you can afford to waste time, neither for your employee or for your business.

If you have employees that are regularly outside of the office or warehouse, then easy-to-use GPS tracking is the best way to manage many different situations that may occur.

Nearly 8 million UK workers work alone on a daily basis.

The associated risks for lone workers can include:

  • Sudden illness or accident
  • Violence, threats or abuse
  • Theft or intruders
  • Driving related issues

The devices that are now currently available for lone workers is amazing, with everything from clip-on shoulder GPS to wristwatch style. They all come with panic buttons that instantly relay to you via email or SMS that a distress signal has been sent and with the precise location. It’s then easy for you to call the employee directly to find out the exact problem and whether they need urgent help or some other form of help.

The British Crime Survey shows up to 150 lone workers are attacked each day.

At iHawk GPS tracking, we work alongside you to improve your ‘lone worker policy’ and ‘lone worker training’. Contact us now to find out how we can help.

Thanks for reading, Brad & Team.

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