Personal Tracking

Personal tracking devices can give you complete peace of mind with loved-ones by being able to locate them immediately in an emergency.

Protect Your Elderly Relatives and Friends

If you have an elderly relative or friend with Dementia, Alzheimer’s  disease or are easily disorientated outside of the home, then a GPS tracking device can make it easy for you to locate them if they get lost.

Locate Children Quickly

Some children that have a tendency to get lost or others with disabilities can quickly be found quickly and easily with a personal tracking device.

Teen Drivers

You can ensure that your teen driver is accountable which will significantly reduce the chances of them being involved in an accident.

Distress Button

Many personal devices can come with a Distress button which can then send an SMS message direct to your phone.

Personal Geofencing

Setup Geofencing to be alerted if the person leaves a defined area, especially beneficial forchildren that ride their bike around town.