You’ll be jumping for Joy!


You’ll be jumping for Joy!

The iHawk GPS tracking system can aid in reducing your companies fleet fuel consumption from 9-20%.  Our detailed and easy to read reporting gives you the necessary tools to make fuel reduction attainable.

How much would saving 15% on your fuel bill save you?

A recent EPA study states restarting an engine costs the same amount of fuel as 30secs of idling , therefore a car idling for periods of time during the day / week is actually less cost effective than turning off and restarting the engine.

High speed driving increases fuel consumption and educating drivers in gradual stopping and starting also brings more savings.

Up to 40% of transport companies’ running costs are associated with fuel consumption and 25% for companies with a fleet of vehicles.

iHawk reports help to identify inefficient drivers by including harsh braking/ driving statistics along with idle times. You also receive instant alerts of these incidences so that if you see an issue forming during the day, you can contact your driver.

These reports are a great tool to assist with correcting bad habits, offering an incentive to the drivers who learn to curb their speeding and slower drivers can be educated/retrained about driving standards.

Not only is iHawk able to assist in fuel reduction, as less fuel = less pollution.

So contact us now for your quote and see just how much we can save you!

Thank-you for reading, Joanne & Team

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