It’s Arrived! You have to read this!


It’s Arrived! You have to read this!

Turns down the lights, play the dramatic music, have we got some great news for you!

Introducing our new, easy to use system that allows you to easily and automatically correlate all your vehicle inspections in one easy Excel file. No more chasing up paperwork. No more suspect hand-written reports. No more stress.

Most vehicle inspections are mandatory on a daily or bi-daily basis.

We make it easier for you to control and monitor your fleet so we’ve added this feature, for no extra cost, to your normal subscription!

It’s a simple process, as the driver walks around the vehicle and completes the inspection of the vehicle, he or she only needs to scan a barcode situated around the vehicle with their mobile phone (internet connection required). This information is sent directly to your file with the date and time of inspection. You can have as many points to scan as necessary to meet your needs.

We all know that vehicle inspections play an important part in the day to day running of a fleet.

It almost goes without saying that unsafe vehicles can and do cost your company more money. If an unsafe vehicle is sent out to work and is unfortunate enough to have an accident, blame very quickly gets assigned to your business, rightly or wrongly.

Therefore it’s very important that your vehicles are being checked correctly and that you have the records to support that. We now ensure this job now takes up very little of your time so that you can do other important tasks.

Contact me now and I’ll be happy to explain further or provide you with a quote for your GPS Tracking and free Automatic Vehicle Inspection Reporting,

Thanks very much for reading – Brad & Team.

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