Choosing the right GPS tracking or telematics provider to trust with covering your assets is key to having a system that works and one that doesn’t. It can be the difference between success and failure for your business or company. By asking these following questions, you’ll be sure to define the right provider for you.

#1 What support systems do you provide before, during and after?

You would like to make sure that the company you entrust is not just going to be around for pay day, but all the time.

BEFORE – Will there be any training provided and if so, is it an extra cost or is it free? I personally think any training should be included, but if you have a number of different locations and training can only take place on-site, then there may be a fee.

DURING – How easy is the system to use and it’s a great idea to request a demonstration and a trial of their service.

AFTER – Make sure you find out what customer service standards they have, if any. How do they expect you to contact them, email, phone, ticketing system? How long will you have to wait before getting an answer? Make sure you’re happy with their policy before signing as you might be able to make some alterations.

#2 What are the steps for installation?

Installation usually requires for a hard-wired installation, connecting the battery to the GPS device. Depending on your requirements, you may be adding a camera or cameras. If you’ve gone for more than one camera, then you’re going to need a DVR and hard drive with 500-1000GB of memory and include a split screen as well.

But what are the steps, well, the company that you’re hiring to run your telematics need to be able to do these installations, when and where it’s convenient for you! They should be able to have local installers and be able to adapt to your vehicle’s schedule, so that you’ve got your vehicles off the road for the least amount of time.

#3 What’s included in the cost?

Live tracking, monthly reports for individuals and overall fleet, live alerts for harsh driving and braking as well as long idle times. Live camera feeds can be included too, but this comes at an expense and is best suited to public transport motors. Geofencing, also known as a virtual fence, should also be included as well as geo-routes and points of interest.

The full service including the SIM card needs to be included and it may just be me, but I’m a firm believer of any tax already being included in any price that is advertised or quoted!

#4 What extra services do you provide?

Some companies provide a number of free and pay to use services and the best way to find out is by asking your salesperson. If you find there is something else that you can use, there is a good chance you can get it at a reduced price.

For example, we at iHawk GPS provide automated reporting for daily vehicle inspections, completely free of charge for our customers. It helps save even more time and money.

So once you’ve asked your provider to answer these and you get the answers that you like, I think you’ve found what you need. If not, find someone who can help.

Thanks again for reading – Brad & Team.

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